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Dalian Shangfeng Flotation Reagents Co.Lad.is located in Dalian Xizhong Island Petro-chemical Industrial Park,Which occupies an area for 40000m2,The planet area is in the center of North East Asia and North Eastern Economic Zone,it is facing the favorable outlet of the Ring of Bohai Sea Economic Belt,and also a channel to Northeastern inland of China,it can fully use the favorable domestic and overseas raw materials resources and market of products,The company...
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Heavy weight! Will the mining industry usher in a reshuffle? New notice issued by state Mine Safety Supervision Bureau! All mines involved!
Emergency management departments (bureaus) of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, emergency management bureaus of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, relevant central enterprises:
Zijin, Jiangxi copper, Tongling Nonferrous ls... How were the domestic mining enterprises in the first half of the year? How much did you make?
Last year, affected by the epidemic, the market demand of multiple industries declined, coupled with the impact of trade and related tax policies, the M & A of the global mining and l industries decreased significantly in the first half of 2020. In 2021, the global economy will rebound sharply, the industry will gradually return to normal, and the upgrading of infrastructure will promote the recovery of demand for iron ore and other bulk minerals. The green economy and new energy stimulus policies aimed at carbon neutrality will further promote the demand growth of rare earth, gallium, germanium, cadmium and tellurium. The epidemic will show demand for copper, silver and other mineral products related to antibacterial disinfection and improving air quality, and will promote the recovery of related mineral markets. Recently, a number of enterprises released the performance forecast for the first half of 2021. It's more than half of 2021. How are Zijin, Jiangxi copper, Tongling Nonferrous ls and other domestic enterprises going? What's the performance? How much did you make
Ten mines with important breakthrough in deep prospecting
The price department of the national development and Reform Commission and the price supervision and Competition Bureau of the General Administration of market supervision and competition jointly went to the national coal trading center for investigation on June 17 to understand the operation and price change of the coal market, and held a symposium to study and do a good job in the work of ensuring supply and stability of coal and other commodities.
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